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Whether you’re new to growing from seed or more experienced, our Seed Club offers you great deals on seeds, timely reminders and practical seed-sowing advice. Every month, Sally Nex will be guiding you through the key sowing and growing jobs.


It's all happening in the garden this month, so the housework can wait – get yourself outside and start sowing! My greenhouse shelves are already starting to bulge with seed trays: all kinds of hardy flowers and veg sown in modules and half-hardy plants are tucked up in the heated propagator (mainly tomatoes, peppers and cutting-garden lovelies like cleome). Only one thing is certain: I'll never have space for everything...

Sally Nex


Veg jobs for March

Veg jobs

  • Hardy broad bean seeds can go straight in the ground this month, sown in double rows 5cm deep and 10-15cm apart each way
  • Fork lots of well-rotted manure into the area where you'll be growing French and runner beans – they're greedy plants and need all the grub they can get
  • Put polythene cloches in place a couple of weeks before you want to sow – they'll warm up the soil a treat and get your seeds off to a flying start
  • Start hoeing weekly to slice off emerging annual weeds before they get a chance to spread
  • Sow tomatoes into coir pellets, soaking the pellets in water for five minutes beforehand then gently sinking a seed into the top of each one. Stand them in a seed tray and pop into a heated propagator or onto a sunny windowsill to germinate
  • Test the temperature of the soil with a thermometer before sowing hardy seed like beetroot and carrot outdoors – once it's at least 7°C for a week, you're good to go
  • When sowing in dry weather, water seed drills before sowing. Thoroughly soak the bottom, let it drain, then cover seeds lightly with soil to lock in the moisture
  • Save up toilet roll inners to fill with compost and use for sowing long-rooted crops like parsnips. Sow one seed to each inner, then plant out as soon as a tuft of leaves appears – no need to remove the cardboard as it just rots away in the soil
  • Polystyrene boxes – the kind used for computer packaging – make great mini cold frames for baby-leaf salads. Fill with compost and sow direct, then pop a sheet of glass over the top for super-fast germination


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Flower jobs for March

Flower jobs

  • Put supports in place for sweet peas – a wigwam of five 2.4m canes, sunk into the ground in a circle and tied securely at the top, does the job nicely
  • Put down some slow-release fertiliser where you'll be growing your flowers this year for a long-lasting energy boost. Scatter pelleted poultry manure onto the soil's surface or sprinkle some bonemeal and fork lightly in
  • Sow calendula in trays of good-quality seed compost under cover, spacing the large, easy-to-handle seeds about 2cm apart and covering lightly with vermiculite
  • Prepare the areas where you'll be sowing annual flowers by forking the soil over lightly, removing any weeds and large stones, then raking to the consistency of fine breadcrumbs
  • Soak the seeds of classy annual Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens' in tepid water overnight before sowing in module trays under cover or on a windowsill
  • Towards the end of the month the soil starts to warm up and you can risk sowing the hardiest annuals, such as Nigella, Nemophila and Calendula, direct outdoors into shallow, pre-watered drills
  • Sow roomy terracotta pots with hardy annuals and move into a frost-free greenhouse to germinate in double-quick time. Transfer outside onto the patio from next month for an early injection of summer colour
  • Marauding slugs are emerging in search of tender young shoots about now, so protect emerging seedlings in the greenhouse and outdoors with wildlife-friendly ferrous phosphate pellets, slug pubs and barriers of bran
  • Start to harden off your early-sown seedlings, getting them gradually used to conditions outdoors by leaving them out for longer and longer each day over a period of about ten days until they can stay out all the time


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Seed Club - jobs for April

As the days lengthen, so does the to-do list. We'll be helping those first seedlings leap into the big wide world. And with temperatures now warm enough for sowing tender annuals, we’ll be spending a lot more time in the greenhouse.


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