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Greenhouse job checklist

28 - 3 January 2016

It's time to...

  • Sow onion seed under cover, and keep warm until germinated
  • Check overwintering plants for signs of greenfly and other pests, and treat if necessary
  • Bring potted strawberries under cover
  • Dig up clumps of rhubarb to force into growth in darkness under large pots or bins
  • Water pots of forced bulbs if their compost is dry
  • Water plants sparingly taking care not to splash water around
  • Wash glazing inside and out to let in the maximum amount of light
  • Insulate greenhouses by fixing bubble polythene to the glazing bars
  • Order seeds and young plants from mail-order companies or online
  • Prune greenhouse grapevines once they're dormant and the leaves have fallen

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