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Flower garden job checklist

29 - 6 March 2016

It's time to...

  • Prune out old stems of elder (Sambucus) to promote new growth from the base
  • Cut back last year's buddleia stems to ground level
  • Hard prune trees that respond to pollarding, such as willows, the foxglove tree (Paulownia) and Eucalyptus gunnii, to promote new growth
  • Lift and divide large clumps of hosta
  • Trim winter-flowering jasmine and tie in new shoots to supports
  • Sprinkle granular fertiliser around clumps of spring bulbs
  • Finish pruning roses as soon as possible
  • Cut down all previous year's growth on Clematis tangutica. New shoots will develop from the base, which will flower later in summer

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