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Job of the week

Grow rocket from seed

With its deliciously spicy and peppery flavour, rocket is a popular addition to most salads. It's a pricey buy in supermarkets, but the good news is it is really easy to grow your own - no matter how little space you have - and nothing could be fresher.

Takes just 10 minutes to sow


Step 2
  • Plant gladioli in groups to depth of 10-15cm
  • Complete outside sowings of hardy annual flowers
  • Lightly clip box edging and topiary to neaten them up

Fruit & veg

Step 3
  • Push twigs into the ground to support tall-growing peas
  • Feed strawberries with a high potash feed
  • Sow flowering companions in your veg plot


Step 4
  • Plant tomatoes in large pots or growing bags
  • Open all vents on warm days
  • Sow tender primulas

Around the garden

Step 1
  • Cut out any plain green shoots on variegated shrubs and trees
  • Treat moss and weeds in lawns with weed killer
  • Hoe bare areas of soil to prevent weeds