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Job of the week

Grow garlic

Garlic is a key ingredient in much of our cooking and nothing beats the flavour of a home-grown crop. It needs a long growing season in the UK so the key to success is early planting, between November and the New Year.

Takes just 1 hour


Step 2
  • Plant bare-root roses in well-prepared ground
  • Trim away unwanted suckers from tree bases
  • Clear borders and rake up leaves

Fruit & veg

Step 3
  • Spread a thick layer of mulch around fruit trees and bushes
  • Plant fruit bushes, trees and canes into enriched soil
  • Prune blackcurrants


Step 4
  • Collect fruits/berries from cotoneaster and pyracantha
  • Check stored bulbs and tubers for signs of rot
  • Bring potted strawberries into the greenhouse

Around the garden

Step 1
  • Cover soil with cloches or sheets of polythene
  • Place a ball in a pond to prevent it fully freezing over
  • Take your petrol mower to a dealer for maintenance