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Job of the week

Plant runner beans

Runner beans make one of the easiest and most rewarding summer crops. Planted now they'll romp away in the warm soil and, with plenty of moisture at the roots, they'll quickly twine up their support to produce masses of succulent pods that taste much better than any out-of-season beans in a supermarket.

Takes just 40 minutes


Step 2
  • Plant up hanging baskets
  • Plant out potted alliums to add interest to flower beds
  • Prune spring-flowering shrubs immediately after flowering

Fruit & veg

Step 3
  • Tie in new shoots of blackberries and cane fruits to support wires
  • Sow sweetcorn in deep pots
  • Pinch off strawberry runners as soon as they develop


Step 4
  • Put up shading to reflect scorching sunlight
  • Open all vents on warm days
  • Order plug plants and seedlings by post

Around the garden

Step 1
  • Plant tender crops outside
  • Dig out perennial weeds
  • Wash dust off the foliage of houseplants