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Job of the week

Plant sweetcorn

All the juicy sweetness in corn cobs is lost if you don't eat them within (literally) minutes of harvesting - so you really will only ever experience sweetcorn as it should be when you grow your own. All they need for success is sun and moisture, and you'll soon enjoy statuesque plants heavy with cobs.

Takes just 50 minutes to sow and plant


Step 2
  • Plant out tender summer-bedding plants
  • Look out for aphids on lupins
  • Push canes into pots of tall-growing lilies

Fruit & veg

Step 3
  • Sow herbs in pots to grow on your kitchen windowsill
  • Cover strawberries with netting
  • Thin out seedlings from earlier sowings


Step 4
  • Water crops in growing bags and pots daily
  • Introduce biological controls if you have discovered pests
  • Pinch out developing sideshoots on tomato stems

Around the garden

Step 1
  • Give wooden furniture a facelift
  • Cut back climbing plants that are hanging down
  • Empty, mix and refill compost bins