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Flower garden job checklist

6 - 12 June 2016

It's time to...

  • Use secateurs to remove suckers growing from the stems of standard roses
  • Tie tall border plants like delphiniums to their supports
  • Finish planting out dahlias, cannas and summer bedding
  • Cut back dead and dying foliage on spring bulbs
  • Deadhead camellias and rhododendrons after flowering
  • Train clematis shoots to their supports
  • Feed acid-loving plants with a special liquid fertiliser containing iron, such as sequestrene
  • Finish dividing hardy primulas
  • Prune early summer-flowering shrubs like philadelphus and deutzia once the flowers are over
  • Sow seeds now: wallflowers, sweet Williams, Canterbury bells and forget-me-nots

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