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Fruit and veg job checklist

6 - 12 June 2016

It's time to...

  • Finish planting out vegetable crops, including tomatoes, beans, courgettes and sweetcorn
  • Sow summer salads in guttering to grow quick crops
  • Use netting to protect developing and ripening fruits from birds
  • Tie in new shoots on blackberries, raspberries, loganberries and other cane fruits
  • Water gooseberries and strawberries to encourage fruits to swell
  • Plant cold-stored strawberry runners from mail-order fruit specialists for crops in just 60 days
  • Thin out emerging raspberry canes if they're too congested, leaving new canes about 15cm apart
  • Use soapy sprays at the first signs of greenfly and blackfly
  • Thin out congested fruits on apples and plums - the remaining fruits will grow far larger if competition is reduced
  • Sow seeds now: lettuce, rocket, beetroot, dwarf French beans, runner beans, radish, carrots, calabrese, mini-cauliflowers, spinach, chicory, endive, kohl rabi, peas, spinach beet, swede and turnips

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