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Fruit and veg job checklist

20 - 26 June 2016

It's time to...

  • Hang old CDs among crops and from fruit trees to scare away birds
  • Water beans and sweet peas as they start to flower
  • Give extra water to ripening soft fruits such as raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries and currants
  • Feed tomatoes and crops in growing bags
  • Harvest early potatoes, carrots and salad crops
  • Prune the sideshoots of gooseberry bushes back to just five leaves
  • Cut out congested raspberry canes at soil level, or those popping up in paths
  • Feed all crops with a liquid fertiliser
  • Sow seeds of herbs now, including coriander and parsley
  • Sow seeds of vegetables, includes lettuce and salad leaves, rocket, carrots, beetroot, calabrese, cauliflower, spinach, chicory

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