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Greenhouse job checklist - week 26

20 - 26 June 2016

It's time to...

  • Damp down the floor every morning and open vents
  • Water tomatoes regularly to prevent fruits splitting
  • Sow Primula malacoides and P. obconica for flowering pot plants next spring
  • Hang yellow sticky traps in the greenhouse to help control whitefly
  • Repot houseplants that have become pot bound
  • Dab male melon flowers on to female flowers to ensure pollination
  • Thin out bunches of grapes with pointed scissors
  • Take cuttings using non-flowering shoots on fuchsias, pelargoniums and marguerites
  • Check plants for signs of pests or problems and treat as soon as possible
  • Isolate new purchases from other plants until you are sure they are pest-free

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