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Fruit and veg job checklist

27 - 3 July 2016

It's time to...

  • Water beans and pick them regularly
  • Transplant brassica seedlings from the seedbed to their final positions, spacing them about 30-45cm apart. Brussels sprouts need about 75cm
  • Plant out leek seedlings from their seedbed once they are pencil thick, planting them 15cm apart in rows, with about 30cm between rows
  • Place collars of card or carpet underlay around the stem base of newly transplanted brassicas to keep cabbage root fly away
  • Pick off malformed or withered apples and any showing signs of pest or disease attack
  • Keep fruit bushes covered with netting, then weave a cane through the bottom edge and peg it down to stop birds crawling underneath
  • Make the final pickings of rhubarb and cut any flower spikes that form right down to their base
  • Lift early potatoes and shallots as they mature
  • Sow swedes and cover with fleece to prevent seedlings being attacked by flea beetle
  • Sow seeds of vegetables, including beetroot, cabbage, endive, kohl rabi, lettuce, radish, rocket, spinach and turnips

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