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Greenhouse job checklist

11 - 17 July 2016

It's time to...

  • Hang up sticky yellow traps to catch whitefly and flying insects
  • Propagate houseplants, including monstera, dracaena and croton, by air layering
  • Repot any plants that are pot bound or getting top heavy. Tall plants are best placed in terracotta pots for extra stability
  • Open all vents and prop doors open on warm days to improve ventilation
  • Bring large-leaved houseplants into the garden and hose them down to clean off dust. Wipe dry and apply a leaf shine for an attractive glossy finish before bringing back inside
  • Thin bunches of greenhouse grapes
  • Take cuttings from pelargoniums, fuchsias, marguerites, penstemon, carnations, diascia and many others
  • Damp down the greenhouse floor each morning on hot days to increase humidity
  • Stand pot plants on capillary matting, or in trays of gravel and water, so they don't dry out

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