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Job of the week

Winter prune wisteria

Vigorous wisteria needs pruning twice a year if it is to flower well. Cut back all the long whippy growth that has been made during the summer and prune again in July to encourage the development of flowering spurs.

Takes just 60 minutes (depending on size of plant)


Step 2
  • Cut back ornamental miscanthus grass
  • Trim back ivy and Virginia creeper
  • Clear away dead foliage from perennials

Fruit & veg

Step 3
  • Dig over veg plots, mixing compost into the soil
  • Continue filling a trench with kitchen waste
  • Cover rhubarb with forcing jars for an early harvest


Step 4
  • Top up fuel tank of paraffin heater every evening
  • Bring potted hyacinths and bulbs under cover to bloom
  • Make a sowing plan for raising greenhouse crops

Around the garden

Step 1
  • Tidy up piles of flowerpots and debris
  • Raise patio containers on feet or bricks
  • Avoid walking on lawns covered with heavy frost