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Greenhouse job checklist

18 - 24 July 2016

It's time to...

  • Water tomatoes regularly to prevent fruit splitting and blossom end rot
  • Feed tomato crops with a high-potash tomato fertiliser every week
  • Be on the lookout for aphids, vine weevils and other pests
  • Ventilate daily and add extra shading if temperatures are getting too high
  • Sow primulas, calceolaria, cineraria and cyclamen
  • Pinch out sideshoots on tomatoes
  • Pot up houseplants that have become top heavy or pot bound
  • Take leaf cuttings from houseplants including Begonia rex, African violets, streptocarpus, crassula and kalanchoe
  • Pick peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and other greenhouse crops regularly to encourage further flowers to develop

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