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Flower garden job checklist

25 - 31 July 2016

It's time to...

  • Summer prune wisteria, shortening all long wispy sideshoots back to about 20cm
  • Water hydrangea bushes with a hydrangea colourant for true blue colour next summer
  • Take clematis cuttings or layer new shoots by pegging them down into the soil to root
  • Layer long sideshoots of border carnations into soil prepared with potting compost. Make a slit in each stem, peg down to hold firm, and wait to root
  • Water plants, such as roses, climbers and shrubs growing against dry sunny walls
  • Plant bulbs of the Madonna lily in a sunny spot
  • Prune ornamental cherries while the weather is hot and dry to reduce the risk of silver leaf disease
  • Plant colchicums, nerines, sternbergia and autumn crocuses
  • Deadhead geraniums and other bedding plants so they don't waste energy setting seed, and to keep plants looking tidy
  • Water hanging baskets and pots of summer-flowering bedding plants. Never let compost completely dry out or it can be very difficult to re-wet

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