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Job of the week

Make glass jar lanterns

Enjoy life outdoors longer through the summer evenings with the help of these simple jar lanterns. Perfect for a barbecue or party, they'll bring a sparkle to you garden in the evening and cost just a few pounds to make. Create lots of lanterns for a dramatic display and they'll really light up the scene.

Takes just 20 minutes


Step 2
  • Dead head pelargoniums and other summer bedding plants
  • Prune wisteria, cutting back whippy sideshoots
  • Water plants in pots and baskets

Fruit & veg

Step 3
  • Check sweetcorn to see if it's ripe and ready to pick
  • Pick beans and water crops regularly
  • Lift onions once their tops die down


Step 4
  • Buy pansies and other winter bedding plug plants
  • Damp down the greenhouse floor on hot days
  • Water crops in pots and growing bags

Around the garden

Step 1
  • Sow green manure crops to fill bare soil
  • Remove pond weeds
  • Hoe and hand weed borders