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Flower garden job checklist

1 - 7 August 2016

It's time to...

  • Deadhead pelargoniums and other summer bedding plants
  • Summer prune wisteria, cutting back whippy sideshoots to about 20cm
  • Water plants in pots and baskets
  • Take cuttings from shrubs choosing non-flowering shoots
  • Collect seed from flowers that you want to propagate including aquilegia, polemonium and foxgloves
  • Identify rose problems and pick off diseased leaves
  • Prune philadelphus, weigela and other early summer-flowering shrubs
  • Propagate lily bulbs by taking off a few outer scales and putting them in bags of compost and perlite, or by potting up bulbils formed on their stems
  • Cut back lady's mantle before it sets seed
  • Prune pleached trees

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