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Around the garden job checklist

8 - 14 August 2016

It's time to...

  • Pick off leaves infected by rose blackspot or rose rust, and dispose of them in your dustbin and not on the compost heap
  • Set up an automatic watering system with a drip nozzle for potted plants if you're going on holiday
  • Top up water levels in ponds and aquatic features
  • Scoop water weed from ponds with a small net
  • Remove suckers from roses or around the base of trees
  • Summer prune wisteria by shortening all long sideshoots
  • Stake dahlias and late-flowering chrysanthemums
  • Trim privet, laurel, conifers and other hedges
  • Mow lawns every week
  • Apply lawn feed to promote strong root growth and prepare the grass for winter

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