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Fruit and veg job checklist

15 - 21 August 2016

It's time to...

  • Harvest young marrows but leave some to fully ripen for storage and winter use
  • Trim leaves from strawberries that have finished fruiting
  • Plant out rooted strawberry runners into new beds
  • Pick early varieties of apple as they ripen including 'Discovery', 'Laxton's Epicure' and 'George Cave'
  • Sow parsley in pots for winter and spring use
  • Thin out heavy crops of plums to prevent branches snapping
  • Hang wasp traps in fruit trees
  • Pinch out the tops of outdoor tomatoes, as further flowers are unlikely to produce ripe fruits
  • Pick fresh herbs to freeze in ice cubes for winter use, or to hang and dry to store in jars

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