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Greenhouse job checklist

15 - 21 August 2016

It's time to...

  • Feed tomatoes in growing bags and pots with a liquid high-potash fertiliser
  • Plant nerines, lachenalia and veltheimia bulbs in pots
  • Take leaf cuttings from begonias, Cape primroses and African violets
  • Sow winter lettuces in pots
  • Pot up clumps of chives to use in winter. Cut down the leaves to stimulate new growth
  • Order garlic ready for planting in autumn
  • Water pot cyclamen saved from last year to start them back into growth
  • Buy prepared hyacinth bulbs and plant as soon as possible so you get flowers for Christmas
  • Plant pots of 'Paper White' narcissus for indoor displays
  • Remove lower leaves from cordon-trained tomatoes up to the bottom truss, to let light and air reach the fruits

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