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Flower garden job checklist

22 - 28 August 2016

It's time to...

  • Catch earwigs in upturned pots crammed with newspaper or straw on canes among dahlias, and destroy any you find
  • Prune pyracantha and train shoots to supports
  • Prepare soil to plant evergreen shrubs and conifers by digging it over and incorporating lots of organic matter
  • Prune lavender to maintain its shape, and take lavender cuttings by pulling off sideshoots and inserting them in trays of gritty compost
  • Collect seed from border perennials and store in a sealed container in a cool place
  • Prune rambling roses, removing shoots that have finished flowering
  • Plant conifers, shrubs and hedging
  • Tie tall chrysanthemums to supports
  • Plant autumn crocuses, sternbergia, colchicums, hardy cyclamen and nerines
  • Dig up hardy annuals if you don't want them to set seed

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