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Greenhouse job checklist

22 - 28 August 2016

It's time to...

  • Take cuttings from tender perennials and bedding plants, such as verbena
  • Sow a few pots of hardy annuals to provide early spring blooms
  • Shade delicate plants to avoid sun scorch on hot days
  • Deal with vine weevil by watering pots with a solution of biological control nematodes
  • Damp down the floor on hot days to increase humidity
  • Harvest cucumbers regularly to promote further flower development
  • Pot up rooted cuttings into individual pots
  • Plant pots of freesias and lachenalia
  • Stop watering begonias and gloxinias so they die down after flowering
  • Start watering dormant cyclamen to bring them back into growth after their summer rest

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