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Around the garden job checklist

5 - 11 September 2016

It's time to...

  • Bulk up the compost heap with spent flowerheads and stems from around the garden
  • Improve drainage on compacted lawns by spiking the ground with a fork or aerator
  • Cut everlasting flowers and ornamental grasses for drying
  • Put netting across ponds to stop autumn leaves falling into them and rotting down
  • Order new turf to lay during damper autumn weather
  • Choose your bare-root roses and bare-root shrubs for winter planting
  • Collect, wash and store away canes and plant supports
  • Check tree ties and plant supports are firmly in place
  • Trim hedges to keep them neat and to control their size
  • Blitz leatherjackets (cranefly larvae), found now on lawns, with a suitable insecticide or biological control

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