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Flower garden job checklist

5 - 11 September 2016

It's time to...

  • Take cuttings from pansies and violas
  • Pot up tender perennials grown outside and bring under cover when cold nights are forecast
  • Prune rambling roses after flowering
  • Grow bulbs in aquatic baskets ready to drop into gaps in the border in spring
  • Rake autumn leaves from lawns and pick them out of borders
  • Plant new climbers and shrubs into soil that's well dug over and enriched with compost
  • Spray Michaelmas daisies with fungicide to prevent mildew
  • Cut down annuals when they've faded, adding them to the compost heap
  • Plant crocus, fritillaries and other dwarf bulbs to naturalise in lawns and under trees
  • Plant out spring bedding, including wallflowers, forget-me-nots and pansies

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