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Greenhouse job checklist

12 - 18 September 2016

It's time to...

  • Scrub off shading paint and wash the glass thoroughly inside and out
  • Listen out for weather forecasts of early frosts and be ready to bring tender potted plants under cover
  • Ventilate the greenhouse on warm days, but close doors and vents every evening to trap in the warmth
  • Water crops in pots and growing bags more sparingly, but continue feeding weekly
  • Stop watering gloxinias, begonias and achimenes to let their leaves die down completely before storing tubers in dry compost for winter
  • Pot up tender perennials, like fuchsias, from summer displays and bring into the greenhouse
  • Raise roller blinds, but roll them back down on very bright days
  • Let sweet peppers develop their full colour and size before picking
  • Look out for pests and diseases and treat any you find immediately

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