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Job of the week

Save seeds

Perennial plants are often very generous in the amount of seed which they produce. Plants such as verbascum can produce thousands of seeds each year, and you can sow them to grow more plants for your garden or share them with friends and family.

Takes just 10 minutes a day


Step 2
  • Take cuttings of your favourite roses
  • Tidy borders by cutting down perennials past their best
  • Prune out old stems of rambling roses that carried flowers

Fruit & veg

Step 3
  • Continue picking sweetcorn, beans and marrows
  • Prune out fruited blackberry stems and tie in new ones
  • Save bean seeds from favourite varieties


Step 4
  • Check greenhouse heaters are working efficiently
  • Bring tender plants under cover
  • Clear out exhausted crops and wash down glazing

Around the garden

Step 1
  • Collect leaves as they fall to make leaf-mould
  • Leave out sunflower seed heads for the birds to feed on
  • Collect up all watering kit to store in the shed