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Flower garden job checklist

3 - 9 October 2016

It's time to...

  • Lift dahlia tubers or protect those left in the ground with a thick mulch of straw or bark
  • Sow sweet peas now for bigger, earlier blooms next year
  • Collect seeds and berries from shrubs and flowering plants that you want to propagate
  • Empty and clean out delicate glazed or ceramic pots and move them into a shed for winter
  • Remove suckers growing around the base of trees
  • Prepare areas to plant new roses
  • Buy primroses and primulas for seasonal colour
  • Lift and divide congested clumps of perennials
  • Move shrubs that have outgrown their position or are in the wrong place
  • Pile bark mulch over the crowns of hardy fuchsias to provide winter protection

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