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Around the garden job checklist

17 - 23 October 2016

It's time to...

  • Clean out bird boxes
  • Level out dips in lawns with loam-based compost and sow fresh grass seed
  • Clear away debris that could be sheltering slugs and snails
  • Check bonfires before lighting, in case they are sheltering sleeping hedgehogs
  • Send off for seed catalogues
  • Mow lawns during dry weather with blades set high
  • Bring garden hoses and sprinklers under cover for winter to avoid damage in freezing weather
  • Collect canes and plant supports, and store them in the shed
  • Sow a green manure crop over bare areas of ground, to dig into the ground as fertiliser in spring
  • Throw a net over branches of holly berries to protect them from hungry birds

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