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Greenhouse job checklist

17 - 23 October 2016

It's time to...

  • Sow sweet peas and pinch out the growing tips of seedlings for bushier plants
  • Continue harvesting chillies, peppers and other crops
  • Reduce watering potted tuberous begonias to allow the top growth to die down
  • Bring pots of tender bulbs like agapanthus and eucomis into the greenhouse for the winter
  • Let achimene, gloxinia and gloriosa die down in their pots
  • Keep potted azaleas constantly moist using rainwater
  • Plant bowls with hyacinths and spring bulbs
  • Check greenhouse heaters are in working order and that you have fuel in stock
  • Pot up roots of lily-of-the-valley to provide fragrant winter flowers
  • Sow hardy annuals, like calendulas, in pots for early flowers

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