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Job of the week

Make fat cakes for the birds

Enjoy watching birds feeding in your garden all through the winter by making your own fat cakes for them. Feeding garden birds is important for their survival over the coming months so make up a pot of our mixture and watch the birds arrive. Once they recognise your garden as somewhere they can go for food they will be back for more, so get cooking!
Takes just 20 minutes


  • Clear faded growth of golden hops and annual climbers
  • Plant bare-root roses in well-prepared soil
  • Transplant shrubs and conifers

Fruit & veg

  • Check fruits in store for signs of rot or deterioration
  • Plant new fruit bushes and cane fruits
  • Take hardwood cuttings from healthy fruit bushes


  • Plant hippeastrum bulbs for spring displays
  • Insulate your greenhouse with bubble polythene
  • Ventilate greenhouses on warm, dry days

Around the garden

  • Save time by investing in a garden vac
  • Plant bare-root trees, bare-root shrubs and hedging
  • Regularly wash and disinfect bird baths and feeders