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Job of the week

Protect tender plants for winter

The trend for growing exotic looking plants in our gardens means that some of them may need protection from the worst of the winter cold and wet. Wrap half hardy bananas, palms and tree ferns with fleece, straw or bubble polythene and they'll reward you with lush foliage next season.
Takes just 20 minutes per plant


  • Prune wisteria sideshoots to 10-15cm from their base
  • Rake up fallen leaves that could be sheltering slugs
  • Cut down dead perennials

Fruit & veg

  • Winter prune apple trees
  • Prune away stems of autumn-fruiting raspberries
  • Prepare sites to plant new fruit trees and bushes


  • Follow weather forecasts to set the right heating levels
  • Prune both indoor and outdoor vines
  • Dig up rhubarb, pot up, and place in total darkness

Around the garden

  • Clean and sharpen pruning tools
  • Repair and treat fencing and timber structures
  • Bring all watering equipment indoors