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Job of the week

Plant bare-root roses

Dreaming of the summer and a garden full of beautiful roses? Now's the time to plant them so that their roots establish well during the spring. Even newly planted roses will reward you with blooms in their first season.

Takes just 20 minutes for each rose


Step 2
  • Cut down willows and dogwoods to their base
  • Finish taking hardwood cuttings
  • Plant bare-root roses, hedging, trees and shrubs

Fruit & veg

Step 3
  • Plant new fruit trees, canes and bushes
  • Use cloches to warm soil for early sowings
  • Prepare areas for planting asparagus


Step 4
  • Raise lettuce and salad crops in pots
  • Water potted fuchsias sparingly
  • Prune grapevines before they come into growth

Around the garden

Step 1
  • Clean and sharpen knives and secateurs
  • Put up nesting boxes for birds on suitable trees
  • Move shrubs growing in the wrong place