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Greenhouse checklist

12 - 18 December 2016

It's time to...

  • Water azaleas regularly with rainwater
  • Take the last chance to bring on forced indoor bulbs for festive decorations
  • Water potted fuchsias sparingly to prevent the compost drying out completely
  • Tidy the greenhouse and pick faded leaves from pelargoniums and other plants
  • Bring potted strawberries under cover to encourage earlier fruiting
  • Order seeds and make a sowing plan for greenhouse crops and bedding plants
  • Check heaters are working efficiently and top up paraffin if necessary
  • Pinch out the tips of autumn-sown sweet peas to promote bushier growth
  • Bring pots or glasses of prepared hyacinths indoors to flower
  • Protect potted peach trees from winter rain and peach leaf curl by bringing under cover

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