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4 tips to get your garden summer-ready

Want to get your outdoor space into tip-top shape? Spring into action with a little help from Gardena

Get the gardening gloves at the ready because winter is behind us and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for a spring clean. Whether you’re a pruning aficionado, a flower bed devotee or a newbie, Gardena can help you get your garden spruced up in no time with its nifty range of tools.

For the ultimate garden tidy-up, try these handy tips…

Gardena Bulb Planter Spring Into Action

Plant the seed

If you want to add a splash of colour to your garden, now is the time to plant your bulbs. Try vibrant purple alliums, delicate freesias or eye-catching begonias if you want to brighten up the flowerbed. And, with the Gardena Bulb Planter, you can ensure they’re all planted at just the right depth.

Woeful weeds

As the temperature rises, you’ll want to get ahead of any unruly weeds before they begin to germinate. The Gardena NatureLine Push Pull Hoe is ideal for weeding plant beds and garden paths. Made from FSC-certified wood and high-quality steel, the embossed underside of the blade makes removing weeds a breeze. If weeds are popping up on your patio, opt for the Gardena Comfort Patio Weeder. It’s has a double-sided stainless-steel blade that makes removing weeds, moss and grass between slabs effortless.

Gardena Comfort Long Handled Grass Shears

Cutting edge

A lush, well maintained lawn can be the making of a garden. After mowing, use the Gardena Comfort Long Handled Grass Shears to define the edges and stop grass growing into the borders. It will instantly neaten up the lawn.

Gardena secateurs

Pruned and proper

A decent set of secateurs is vital for any gardening toolkit – they will allow you to cut away dying stems, hack back invasive shrubs and keep your plants looking vigorous and healthy all year round. With high-quality, non-stick stainless-steel blades, Gardena’s secateurs have been specially designed to make pruning easy. They come with a 25-year warranty, too, so not only will they achieve a clean, accurate cut, but they’ll also be by your side, season after season for years to come.

If you’d like to give your hedges and bushes a new lease of life, try the Gardena 2-in-1 EnergyCut Hedge Clipper. You can make quick, accurate cuts and switch gears for up to 2.5 times more cutting power – perfect for tackling those hard, stubborn branches. Meanwhile, if you’re planning on cutting back your trees, the Gardena EasyCut 500B Pruning Lopper should be your go-to tool. Complete with ergonomically designed handles and shock-absorbing buffers, it gives you maximum cutting power with minimal effort.

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