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Gardena free online planning tool on Ipad

Create your dream space with myGarden

If you have big dreams for your garden, bring them to life with Gardena’s free online planning tool

After listening to aspiring gardeners for many years, Gardena has created the myGarden planner, to make gardener's lives easier with a simple, easy-to-use garden design too. And best of all, it’s absolutely free!


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Make your dream garden a reality

With myGarden, you can create the garden you’ve always wanted and see it blossom before your very eyes. This simple and creative online application lets you design your space and produce a clear, hand-drawn style plan – use one of the handy templates or start from scratch, it’s up to you

As you design, you can click and drag the plot surface to map your garden to scale, adding grass, flower beds and paving. Then select items such as buildings, plants and garden furniture, resizing, moving or rotating them as you please. You can even add a customised Gardena sprinkler system to ensure your new garden stays looking lovely, even when you’re not around to water it. When you’re happy with the results, your unique design can be saved, shared and ultimately created


Get started with myGarden

Whether you’re a budding gardener with a tiny city balcony or an established grower with a sprawling country estate, the myGarden planner can help you make your gardening dreams a reality. So, if you’ve been sat in your deckchair dreaming up plans for your greenery, now’s the time to bring them to life.


A helping hand from the experts

Gardena knows a thing or two about gardens and is always looking for ways to help inspire passionate gardeners. Since 1961, it has been a familiar name around the world with gardeners who favour its high-quality garden tools, innovative garden gadgets and irrigation systems.