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How your retirement years could be the best of your life

Autonomy and peace of mind go hand-in-hand at Inspired Villages, where retirees can live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamt of

Retirement marks the beginning of a new, exciting phase of your life, where you’ll have more free time to do what makes you happy. That’s why each and every Inspired village is designed to help you celebrate your independence, safe in the knowledge that assistance is never far away, should you need it.

Whether you’re nurturing your hobbies or learning new skills, spending time with loved ones or meeting new friends, living in an Inspired Village allows you to do what you enjoy and create many happy memories while you’re doing it! Of course, you don’t have to do everything on offer – you can simply enjoy the peace and quiet of your beautiful home, fully equipped to make you as comfortable as possible.

Whatever your goals for retirement are, with Inspired Villages you can make them happen and you’ll be part of a truly vibrant, unique community with health and happiness at its core.

Two Inspired Villages' retirement homes

Location, location, location

From Gifford Lea in Cheshire to Millbrook, Devon, there are Inspired villages to be found at seven different locations across the UK, with more coming soon. This means you can choose the one that’s ideal for you, whether you’re a town person, country lover or want to be near the coast.

While each site has its own unique features, every single one offers fantastic facilities, including charming cafes, exquisite bistros, luxury wellness spas and hairdressers, beautiful landscaped gardens and even libraries, so you won’t ever find yourself at a loss for something to do.

Luxury spa and living room

Luxurious living

Inspired Villages offers you the chance to tailor your living situation exactly to your preferences, with a choice of gorgeous homes available to rent or buy. Each house and apartment is tastefully decorated and equipped to the highest standards, while many feature beautiful gardens, if having your own personal green space sounds appealing.

What’s more, the level of care and support you receive is adapted specifically to your needs, which you can change as and when you need to. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll rest easy knowing help is always on hand should you require it, thanks to the option of having Assistive Technology in your home and the on-site wellness navigators available at every site.

Inspired Villages retirement complex

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