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Why self-watering pots are the future of urban gardening

Reduce water wastage and food miles, create greener spaces and spruce up your home with Skyline Grower’s urban gardening range

Skyline Grower’s Lechuza self-watering pots are transforming gardening. They’re good for the environment, plus they’re beautifully designed and super low maintenance.

The pots are ideal for city dwellers with no access to a garden, but all kinds of green-fingered enthusiasts will love them too.

The stylish range includes indoor and outdoor pots, so they work in every space. Grow a herb garden or some chillies in your kitchen, add a touch of green to your desk, hang some bright blooms from your porch… the possibilities are endless!

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Skyline Grower

How it works:

Lechuza self-watering pots work through capillary action – the movement of water through soil when a plant brings water up its roots.

The planters have a water reservoir, which holds the water until the plant is ready to consume it. All you need to do is find a sunny spot for your plant, and then monitor the water level in the reservoir using the nifty built-in indicator.

The benefits:

●  No more overwatering – or underwatering, so you can go on holiday and not worry about killing your plants!

●  No water wastage as the plant dictates when it’s thirsty.

●  Low maintenance. Simply place your house plants in a light and airy space and they will thrive and live all year round.

●  A cleaner living environment. Plants act as a filter by taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen,helping you to feel healthier.

●  Saving space. The compact designs maximise space around your home, whether you place them on a balcony, terrace or windowsill.

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