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The flagship Garden of the RHS, and one of the world’s most revered, this stunning landscape is close to London and teems with horticultural inspiration. Its exceptional spaces to visit this summer include:

The Exotic Garden
With its lush foliage and striking flowers that flourish in the UK’s typical summer climate, this remarkable Garden truly lives up to its name. You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a tropical paradise, as palms jostle against hardy banana trees and other plants you may not expect to find growing outdoors in the UK.

The Bowes-Lyon Rose Garden
Renowned for its inspiring contemporary design, this is a rose garden with a difference. As you follow its winding path, you’ll find yourself swept up in the beauty of its vivid and varied roses and broad range of companion plantings. It’s a breathtaking example of a Garden that proudly encourages biodiversity and prioritises environmental practices.

Harlow Carr

Harlow Carr

Sitting in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, this enchanting Garden is home to a variety of landscapes featuring streams, wildflowers, woodland and more. Must-sees include:

The Main Borders
One of the earliest structures at Harlow Carr, this glorious landscaped vista runs across the axis of the Garden. As you wander through all its wonderful colour, you’ll find trees such as the American sweetgum and the lime tree, which gracefully tower over generous prairie-style planting that combines herbaceous perennials and grasses in spectacular bold drifts.

Running through the heart of Harlow Carr, one of Streamside’s defining characteristics is its meandering stream, which ties together the woodland and more formal landscapes. The paths within the Garden echo the route of the beck, as do its planting beds, which ebb and flow. It’s also home to a selection of wildlife, including dippers, tree creepers and weasels.

Hyde Hall

Hyde Hall

With its rolling hills and panoramic views, these glorious Gardens in Essex offer an oasis of peace and tranquillity just 30 minutes from London. Summer highlights include:

Clover Hill
Named after the surrounding clover-rich pastures, a journey through this stunning Garden will take you past the serene lake and on to the sunny, south-west-facing slope of its hill. It’s worth visiting towards the end of the day when the low sun illuminates the feathery grasses and fiery foliage, making it a real sight to behold.

Rose Garden
The first thing you’ll notice about this Garden is the intoxicating scent of its stunning roses. Indeed, Hyde Hall has long been known for its flamboyant collection of roses, which bloom in a range of vibrant hues. The beds feature English varieties planted in three colour combinations – warm oranges and yellows; cool white, cream and soft lemon; and rich, dark pinks and reds.



Nestled in the heart of Devon’s Torridge Valley, this resplendent Garden blends formal and informal plantings to magical effect. Its stand-out spots include:

The Hot Garden
One of two colour-themed gardens in the Formal Garden, this stunning landscape features waves of plants chosen for their heat and vibrancy, with lots of striking yellows and intense reds. It also contains an abundance of plants from the grassland habitats of North America. Beautiful and atmospheric, it’s easy to get lost in its cacophony of smells, sights and sounds.

The Long Borders
Home to an eclectic variety of plants, it’s impossible not to wonder what’s beyond the next neatly clipped pillar as you walk through this gardener’s delight. The Long Borders are bursting with an abundance of colour-rich blooms, which progress from soft, subtle shades to more intense hues, resulting in a true crescendo of colour.

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