Ferns and hostas in a shady planting scheme
Plants for shade

Many gardens have shady areas, where sun-loving plants simply won’t thrive. The good news is that there are plenty of plants that can tolerate or even prefer a shaded or partially shaded position, including many woodland plants.

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Ideal for filling gaps in shady borders, these wonderful hardy perennials feature attractive mounds of foliage topped with sprays of bell-shaped flowers in summer.

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The perfect plant for shady gardens, with eye-catching heart-shaped foliage and forget-me-not like blooms, it’s great for edging paths, particularly in woodland borders. Select from four varieties.

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An ever popular shade-tolerant plant, this hardy perennial bears heart-shaped flowers along arching stems. Ideal for a partially shaded border. Save on two varieties, the traditional pink variety or more unusual white 'Alba'.

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£29.98 £59.96 Four 3L pots

Enjoy delicate flower sprays on tall stems above lacy foliage from July to October. Elegant yet strong, these graceful perennials will thrive in sunny or partially-shaded borders.

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