Grow Yourself Healthy – Staying happy

Illustrations: Vicki Turner
Grow Yourself Healthy - Boosting your happiness
Grow Yourself Healthy - Boosting your happiness

In our six-part magazine series, Grow Yourself Healthy, we're looking in detail at the ways in which gardening can improve both your mental and physical health. The third part, Staying happy, can be found in the June 2019 issue of BBC Gardeners' World Magazine, available Thursday 30 May.

Plus, heighten your happiness with the help of our collection of practical projects, videos and features, below.

Connecting with others

Use gardening as a way to connect with others. Swap cuttings and, share heavy tasks, give someone who needs it an extra hand and ask older gardeners for advice and tips - sharing brings everyone happiness.

Sowing seeds

Sow seeds to focus the mind. This will provide a distraction from daily stresses and everyday problems, boosting happiness as a result.

Planning for the future

Think about what you want from your garden in the coming months and years. Consider plants you'd like to grow and features you'd like to introduce - this unleashes creativity, and gives a focus on something that has a high-reward factor.

Look out for more ways to Grow Yourself Healthy in the next three issues of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine:

  • July: Gardening for a healthy body
  • August: Gardening for an active mind
  • September: Gardening for a healthy gut

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