BBC Gardeners' World Magazine Masterclass Online: Success with Late-Winter Pruning

Online Masterclass: Success with Late-Winter Pruning

Discover why late winter pruning is crucial to getting the most from your garden in our latest online Masterclass.

With more than 40 years of practical gardening experience, horticultural expert and Associate Editor, David Hurrion in our next online Masterclass, Success with Late-Winter Pruning will help you discover how to your plants in shape and performing to their maximum potential, and is a must for anyone who is new to pruning or wants to build on existing skills. It will help you understand which shrubs and fruit bushes need pruning now, identifying the ages of wood so you’ll instinctively know where, when and how to prune. David will show how to make the right cuts so that you’re armed with skills which every gardener needs to get the best from their garden.


Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and be able to download a set of notes from the course.

Join our online Masterclass, Success with Late-Winter Pruning, on Friday 26 February, 2021 at 12 noon (GMT)*. Tickets cost £15 – subscribers save 20 per cent, please find instructions further down this page for claiming your subscriber discount.

*If you’re unable to attend the live session, all registered attendees will also be able to watch a recording of the live session, which will be made available shortly after the live session, by email. You’ll have the opportunity to re-watch the recording up to three times, this is not time limited. Please note, you’ll be unable to take part in the live Q&A session.

What’s in the Masterclass

Join our Associate Editor David Hurrion for a Masterclass to discover late-winter pruning methods and techniques to make sure the plants in your garden perform to their absolute best. This hour-long Masterclass Online (with roughly 20-30 minutes extra time for questions) will cover the following topics:

  • Why do we need to prune plants in late winter? – A time when so much pruning needs to be done. All sorts of confusion arising from pruning – when, where, how etc.
  • Understanding the growth state of woody plants in late winter & why this is crucial to pruning – Growth season cycle; how this understanding takes guess work out of when and where to prune
  • Effects of pruning
  • Making the correct pruning cuts – Importance of sharp tools, where to prune, angle of cuts, proximity to buds, growth promotion
    Pruning in the dormant season – Hard pruning – examples of types of shrubs pruned in dormant season for growth response
  • Specifics of late winter pruning – Applying general principles to specific plant groups
  • Pruning young and newly planted shrubs to aid establishment – Start as you mean to go on; allow plants to balance roots and top growth, identify growth cycle of plant

Your Masterclass host

Expert tutor, our Associate Editor, David Hurrion, will share his years of gardening experience, and answer your questions on pruning techniques and methods and in a live Q&A session with our Gardening Editor, Emma Crawforth. David has led many live masterclasses for BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine and, now is bringing his skills to you online, so you can learn from him from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

David was knowledgeable, interesting and engaging. I learnt so much, and it was fun and informative

Participant on a previous live Masterclass with David Hurrion

Your Masterclass itinerary

Friday 26 February, 2021 at 12 noon (GMT)

Presentation Horticultural expert, David Hurrion will lead a one-hour online presentation

Q&A David will invite your questions for a live Q&A session after the Masterclass presentation

Handout notes You’ll be able to download a set of course notes for reference, these will also be available with the recording

Recording A recording of the live course will be made available to all registered attendees to re-watch at a time which suits you. You’ll be able to watch the recording up to three times, with your own personalised link which will be sent to you shortly after the end of the live session

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To book your place on our Success with Late-Winter Pruning Masterclass Online costs £15 – subscribers save 20 per cent on the ticket price, please find your exclusive discount code on the Subscriber Club offers page.

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Note, please ensure your email address is entered correctly at point of registration so you receive your link to join the class. If you have any difficulty booking please drop us a line.

Get more advice from David

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