Pink snapdragons

Flower seeds to sow in December

Take your pick of some of the best flowers to sow in December.

If your green fingers are itching in midwinter, there are some flower seeds you could sow, and you may be rewarded with early blooms.


Shorter daylight hours can make it tricky to provide enough light for your seedlings. To counteract this, sow and grow in a bright spot without too much direct sunlight, which can damage seedlings.

Most seeds sown indoors over winter will benefit from the warmth of a heated propagator or warm windowsill, so provide this where possible.

Take a look at this video on sowing seeds indoors for more advice, including a handy tip on how to boost light levels.

Discover five of the best flowers to sow in December, below.

Hardy cyclamens like Cyclamen coum and Cyclamen hederifolium can be sown in December.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas can be sown indoors in December, ideally in containers, such as cardboard tubes, that can be planted out in the soil, minimising root disturbance. Here’s how to save leggy sweet peas that haven’t received enough light.



Laurentia are bushy, half-hardy annuals, with star-shaped, scented flowers. The seeds can be sown under glass in winter, in a bright spot. A heated propagator will help to warm the soil when sowing.



Pelargoniums are often propagated by taking cuttings, but why not try growing them from seed, too? Ideally, surface sow in a heated propagator, in a bright spot out of direct sunlight.


Hardy cyclamens

Hardy cyclamens like Cyclamen coum and Cyclamen hederifolium can be sown in December. Before sowing, soak the seeds overnight, then sow straight after in small pots. Keep the pots at a temperature of 13-16°C.



Though usually grown as annuals or biennials, snapdragons are actually short-lived perennials. They’re easy to grow, and can be sown under glass in December, to flower from June onwards.