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Sowing French beans

Vegetable seeds to sow in July

Take a look at some of the tasty veg you could be sowing in July, including salad leaves and root veg.

By sowing vegetable seeds in July, you can rely on the sun to do most of the hard work, ensuring warm temperatures for quick crops.


Don’t be daunted if you’ve only got a small plot to work with. There are plenty of space-saving veg crops to grow, so that even the smallest spaces can reward you with harvests.

Discover five vegetable seeds to sow in July, below.

Quick to mature, easy to grow and almost pest-free, radishes can also be grown as companion plants.


Lettuce and other salad leaves are a quick and easy win – sow them continually from March to September and you can enjoy fresh salad for the best part of a year. Here’s how to grow salad leaves from seed.

Lettuce in the vegetable patch


July is generally the last month to sow carrots for an autumn crop. Avoid pest attacks with our 10 ways to avoid carrot root fly.

Sowing carrot seeds


Often forgotten, turnips can provide you with two harvests from one plant – the delicately sweet taproot can be eaten, as can the leaves or ‘greens’. Eat them soon after harvesting as turnips don’t store well.

Harvesting turnips


Quick to mature, easy to grow and almost pest-free, radishes can also be grown as companion plants to other crops. Here’s how to sow radishes outdoors.

Freshly picked radish

Dwarf French beans

As with carrots, July is the last month to sow French beans, to allow the pods time to mature before frosts start kicking in. Sow dwarf cultivars in the ground or in containers for a tasty autumn crop – you can buy dwarf French bean seeds from from Suttons.