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10 of the best BBQ accessories, gadgets and tools

Our pick of the top BBQ accessories for summer.

Whether you’re a novice barbecuer or a veteran pitmaster, we could all use some extra help on the grill. 


We’ve got together a list of some of the best barbecue accessories on the market. Whether you need a thermometer to get your meat exactly right, a decent wood supply for your smoker, or a personalised multitool, you can find it all here. 

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John Lewis & Partners Stainless Steel BBQ Tool & Utensil Set

This set of barbecue tools from John Lewis has the essentials covered – tongs, a fork, and a turner. High quality at a surprisingly low price for casual barbecuers. 

Buy now from John Lewis (£7.50)

IREENUO Digital Food Thermometer

This thermometer is perfect for casual barbecuers. Not only does it have quick, responsive readings, but it also has separate modes for different meats and grades of cooking. You can know in seconds if that medium-rare steak is just right. 

Buy now from Amazon (£13.99)

John Lewis & Partners Stainless Steel BBQ Chimney Starter

If you’re not a barbecue aficionado, getting your fire started can be a pain. A good barbecue chimney can help you to light coals – simply fill the chimney with paper, add some charcoal above, and you’ll have white-hot coals in no time. This chimney from John Lewis offers great quality for a reasonable price. 

Buy now from John Lewis (£15)

Log-barn Natural Eco Wood Firelighters Log-Barn

Get your fire started without relying on chemical firelighters. These FSC-certified bundles of wood wool burn hotly, smokelessly, and for a remarkably long time. Great for lighting barbecues safely and sustainably. 

Buy now from Amazon (£17.86)

Grilling Wood BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

If you’ve been getting into smoking, Grilling Wood have you covered. Take your pick of six different native British woods and experiment to find your perfect flavour combination. 

Buy now on Amazon (£20)

Argos Home 23 Piece Deluxe BBQ Accessory Set 

This is a bumper barbecue set for serious grillmasters. This 23-piece set has skewers, tongs, a fork, and silicone brush, and a cleaning brush. It even has a set of knives and forks, and a multitool tuner with serrated edges and a bottle opener. Everything you need for a good barbecue and more. 

Buy now from Argos (£30)

American BBQ Grill Wire Cleaning Brush

This brush will help you keep your grill spick and span for use throuhgout the summer. It’s rust-resistant, and has a hand scraper to nab any straggling bits of grease or grime. 

Buy now from Amazon (£13.95)

Jonny’s Sister Personalised BBQ Tool Apron

If you know a self-styled barbecue king, then this is a fantastic gift. Personalise a canvas carry bag that doubles as an apron for personalised barbecuing on the go

Buy now from John Lewis (£48)

Tomorrow’s Kitchen 44 fl. oz. Instant Marinater Tomorrow’s Kitchen Amazon

This is a fascinating accessory. This Instant Marinater is basically a vacuum chamber. Put your chosen meat and seasoning inside and pump out the air. The lack of air means the meat will suck up the moisture of the sauce much faster than usual. If you’re pushed for time or forget to marinate overnight, this is a helpful tool keep your food as tasty as possible.

Buy now from Amazon (£27.66)

Ardorlove Barbecue Grilling Basket

We’ve all been there – barbecuing something tasty, messing up a flip, and watching a delicious morsel disappear between the grill and into the flames below. A good grill basket stops this, keeping small, narrow food items safely tucked in. They make flipping a lot easier, too. This is great for thinly-sliced foods like fish, bacon, or courgettes. 

Buy now from Amazon (£8.99)

Stainless Steel BBQ Skewers (6 Pcs)

A good kebab is one of the easiest things to barbecue and always a hit. These stainless steel skewers are great for grilling, as they can be reused again and again. What’s more, they offer variety. If it goes on a stick, you can grill it – shrimp, vegetables, hot dogs; even sweet treats are possible with these skewers.

Buy now on Amazon £7.99

Personalised BBQ Boss Multi Tool

Know a BBQ boss? This multitool might be for them. It has two serrated edges for picking up food, cutting it into pieces, or opening up packets. It also as a sharp knife blade at itss tip. It can be used to flip burgers and even open bottles, and it’s handle is personalised.


Buy now from Notonthehighstreet (£20)