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10 of the best BBQ accessories, gadgets and tools

Our pick of the top BBQ accessories for summer.

Nothing says summer quite like a BBQ and to complement your garden feast there are plenty of BBQ accessories, utensils and tools to choose from.


To help get your sausages sizzling we’ve put together a selection of BBQ gadgets from quality skewers and meat thermometers to Jack Daniels whiskey charcoal and gloves.

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BBQ accessories and gadgets

Browse our pick of the best BBQ accessories in the list below:


Weber BBQ Gloves

Weber BBQ Gloves - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Weber BBQ Gloves

Keep your fingertips scorch-free with these premium BBQ gloves. Double layered and made from a Kevlar blend, they are both highly heat resistant and durable. The silicone grip design will stop carefully cooked burgers slipping from your fingers when they’re finally done.

Price: £47.99

Buy Weber BBQ Gloves from Amazon


3 in 1 BBQ Grill Brush

3 in 1 BBQ Grill Brush - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
3 in 1 BBQ Grill Brush

It may not be the most glamorous BBQ accessory, but this grill brush is certainly an essential. The triple brush and 360 degree rotator helps it clean every inch of your sticky outdoor grill and its universal design means it should suit most BBQ models.

Price: £8.99

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Weber Instant Read BBQ Thermometer

Weber Instant Read BBQ Thermometer - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Weber Instant Read BBQ Thermometer

Take the guess work out of grilling with Weber’s specialist BBQ thermometer. The stainless steel probe tells you the internal temperature of your food within five seconds and the head swivels around so you can view the reading from any angle.

Price: £19.79

Buy Weber Instant Read BBQ Thermometer from John Lewis

BBQ utensils and tools

Choose from our compilation of handy BBQ tools below:


Landmann Stainless Steel Tool Set in Case

Landmann Stainless Steel Tool Set in Case - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Landmann Stainless Steel Tool Set in Case

Landmann’s utentils and tools set has everything you need to get your BBQ off to a flying start. The 13 piece kit includes tongues, a basting brush, corn holders and more. All tools are made from stainless steel, have a 12 month guarantee and fit neatly into a sleek aluminium case.

Price: £39.93

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Weber BBQ Skewer Set

Weber BBQ Skewer Set - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Weber BBQ Skewer Set

A cut above your average skewer, these flat versions from Weber are designed to prevent spinning, so your food cooks evenly. Wide grip handles also make it easier to pick the skewers up and move them across the grill.

Price: £23.99

Buy Weber BBQ Skewer Set from John Lewis


Silicone Basting BBQ Brush

Silicone Basting BBQ Brush - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Silicone Basting BBQ Brush

This brush will baste hot barbecue meat without melting or leaving behind bristles like a traditional pastry brushes can do. It’s also lightweight, easy to clean and made from 100% food grade silicone.

Price: £7.99

Buy Silicone Basting BBQ Brush from Amazon

BBQ fuel and firelighters

Get the fire started with our choice of BBQ fuel and lighters below:


Bar-be-quick Instant Light Charcoal

Bar-be-quick Instant Light Charcoal - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Bar-be-quick Instant Light Charcoal

You can’t get a barbecue going without anything to fuel it but this 10kg bag of FSC certified charcoal briquettes should do the trick. Ideal for both kettle barbecues and outdoor smokers.

Price: £20.53

Buy Barbequick 2pk Instant Light Charcoal from Amazon


Jack Daniels Smoking Chips

Jack Daniels Smoking Chips - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Jack Daniels Smoking Chips

For a taste of the USA, these wood chips from Jack Daniels whiskey barrels add a lick of flavour to your meat. Suitable for most grill types they come in a 790g bag.

Price: £13.53

Buy Jack Daniels Smoking Chips from Amazon


Plum Heat Beads Barbecue Briquettes

Plum Heat Beads Barbecue Briquettes - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Plum Heat Beads Barbecue Briquettes

These BBQ briquettes work best in open grills and spherical BBQs and should burn longer than charcoal. They also don’t produce much smoke or smell, a bonus for anyone less fond of those post-BBQ odours.

Price: £11.98

Buy Plum Heat Beads Barbecue Briquettes from Amazon


Quickfire Firelighters

Quickfire Firelighters - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Quickfire Firelighters

Firelighters help kick-start the BBQ and get things cooking in no time. This set from Quickfire contains “hotspots” which they promise improves performance and there’s 14 in each packet.

Price: £2.63

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