Dutch hoes - Buyer's Guide video from BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

Dutch hoes – Buyer’s Guide

Choose the best Dutch hoe for tackling the weeds in your garden, with the help of our expert video guide.

The perfect tool for keeping on top of weeds, a Dutch hoe will whip out weeds in beds and borders without bringing more seedlings to the surface, but with so many options available, how do you know you’re choosing the right hoe for you?

In this Buyer’s Guide video, we run through all the points you need to consider.

First, we look at the importance of comfort in relation to the length of the handle and the different materials available. Next up, we consider the benefits of carbon and stainless-steel blades and any extra features they might have to help make them more efficient. Then, we emphasise considering where and how you’re going to use a hoe to help you choose the right one for the job.

After demonstrating correct hoeing technique, we finish by explaining how to prolong the life of your hoe with the right maintenance routine.

Watch now, for help in choosing the right hoe for you.

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Brands featured in this video: Bulldog, Burgon and Ball, DeWit, Draper, Fiskars, Kent and Stowe, Sneeboer, Spear and Jackson, Wilkinson Sword, Wolf Garten.

Many thanks to the team at Richmond Park for their generous help in making this video.

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