Cordless tool systems – Buyer’s Guide

Watch our video guide to choosing the best cordless tool system for your garden.

Cordless power systems, in which one lithium ion battery is shared across a range of power tools, are growing in popularity.

Cordless tools are light, quiet and efficient. They don’t need fuel or an outdoor power source and there are no trailing cables or emissions to worry about. The batteries charge quickly, hold their charge and don’t degrade in storage – important for gardening tools, which might be not used on a daily basis.

In this video Buyer’s Guide we run through all the points you need to consider when choosing cordless tool systems.

First, we look at price, which can range from as little as £95 for entry level models up to around £240 for high-spec systems.

Then, we consider battery size in relation to garden area and run time.

Is the battery included with a cordless tool system? This can vary, as we explain. And is it a good idea to invest in a spare battery?

Next, we look at the ranges of tools available within cordless systems, plus warranty and any safety equipment that you might need.

We finish with tips on charging and storage, plus an outline of the environmental issues with lithium ion batteries.

Watch now, for help in choosing the best cordless tool system for your needs.

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