Spray guns – Buyer’s Guide

Choose the best spray gun attachment for your garden hose, with the help of our video.

A spray gun for watering is an essential piece of kit but with so many options available, choosing the right one can be a confusing business. In this video Buyer’s Guide, we run through all the points you need to consider when making your choice.

First, we explain the range of spray guns on the market, the different materials they’re made of and the various spray patterns available.

Next, we consider the pros and cons of metal and plastic guns. We also look at ease and comfort of handling, lockable triggers, how to use the different spray patterns and the environmental impact of adjustable flows and aerated sprays.

Finally, we demonstrate how to use a spray gun attachment, from connecting it to your hose to emptying it of water when you’re done and storing it away.

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Watch now for all you need to know about buying a spray gun.

Brands featured in this video: Aqua Systems, Claber, Cookey, Draper, FloPro, Gardena, Hozelock, Karcher, Sealey, Stanley, Verve and XHose

Many thanks to the team at Richmond Park for their generous help in making this video.

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