Seed sowing tips and tricks

Sowing seeds is easy, if you follow a few basic rules. Find out all you need to know, below.
£19.99 Supplied as a bare root.

The fruit trees within this selection are a great option for small gardens and patios. Each variety promises bumper crops and a delightful view, whether they're in full bloom or bearing fruit. Select from a trio of tree varieties, including Peach 'Redhaven', 'Bramley' Apple, and 'Stella' Cherry, and savour the sweet deal of buy one, get one free!

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£5.99 £9.99 Supplied as a 3L plastic mushroom growing container with compost and spores

This grow-your-own mushroom kit includes everything you need to grow bumper harvests of delicious, fresh white button mushrooms at home. White mushrooms are incredibly versatile: marinate them in butter and garlic, use them as a pizza topping, or add them chopped or sliced to almost any dish.

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£9.99 £19.98 x 6 canes

With excellent flavour and firm texture, the fruits of ‘Autumn Bliss’ are ideal for eating fresh from the plant or freezing for another day. Can be grown in containers as they don’t require supports for their stems.

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