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Fiskars pruners, loppers and cutters

High-quality pruning tools enable you to work quickly and efficiently. Learn more about Fiskars pruners, loppers and cutters below, and find out which tools to use for which task.

Fiskars pruning tree

Fiskars cutting tools are designed to keep your flowers, shrubs, trees and hedges in peak condition. By selecting the right tool for the right job you save energy and ensure the wellbeing of your plants. Match the tool to the task, in the pruning graphic below. Then, scroll down for links to more information on each product.

Fiskars Pruning tree - Which tool for which task?


Fiskars pruners are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use and are recognised as best in category by many gardeners and industry experts for value and performance. Their ergonomic handles are made of extra durable synthetic materials and the stainless steel blades are secured by an easily accessible locking mechanism when the pruner is not in use.

Fiskars Quantum Pruner Bypass P100 Quantum™ Pruner Bypass P100
The Quantum P100 bypass pruner has a high-quality aluminium body balanced with comfortable cork TruGrip™ handles. TruEdge™ blades ensure clean, accurate cuts every time.



Fiskars PowerGear Pruner Bhypass P94 PowerGear™ Pruner Bypass P94
Lightweight and strong, the PowerGear™ P94 pruner has a unique rotating handle movement in which all fingers are used simultaneously, making for maximum power and less effort.

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Fiskars Single Step Pruner P26 SingleStep™ Pruner Bypass P26
The SingleStep™ P26 bypass pruner has a non-stick coating on the upper blade to reduce friction and make cutting and cleaning easier. The sturdy handles provide a comfortable grip.

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Fiskars SmartFit Pruner P68 SmartFit™ Pruner P68
A multi-purpose bypass pruner, the SmartFit™ P68 enables quick snipping of thinner branches as well as heavier, thicker branches up to 24mm in diameter.



Universal cutters

Fiskars universal garden cutters are multi-use tools that give you access to tree crowns and dense bushes, enabling gardeners to trim overhead without a ladder, or having to bend or kneel. The adjustable head and the lightweight cutting mechanism helps to ensure fast, easy and safe pruning.

Fiskars Tree Pruner Bypass Telescopic UP86 Tree Pruner Bypass Telescopic UP86
The long-reach shaft of the UP86 telescopic tree pruner makes hard-to-reach branches accessible from a safe standing position, and is adjustable from 2.4m - 4m.

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Fiskars loppers are suitable for all kinds of garden cutting tasks with a capacity of up to 55mm. The range includes different models for different users, unique materials and patented mechanisms. Fiskars loppers are designed to be lightweight, efficient and comfortable to use.

Fiskars PowerGear Lopper Anvil (S) L31 PowerGear™ Lopper Anvil (S) L31
The patented gear mechanism of the L31 lopper anvil makes the cutting 2.5 times easier compared to standard mechanisms, and the corrosion-resistant upper blade stays sharper for longer.



Fiskars PowerGear Lopper Bypass Hook Head (M) L74 PowerGear™ Lopper Bypass Hook Head (M) L74
With its hook head blades, the L74 bypass lopper makes short work of heavy cuts on fresh wood. The FiberComp™ handles are light and easy to handle, but also sturdy.

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Fiskars PowerGear Lopper Bypass Hook Head (L) L78 PowerGear™ Lopper Bypass Hook Head (L) L78
The SoftGrip™ covered handles of L78 lopper offer optimum comfort, letting you work for longer. The upper blade is made from high-quality hardened carbon steel, for maximum durability.

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Axe and saw

The saw is particularly suited for removing thick branches, while the axe is ideal for cutting the thickest branches and splitting firewood.

Fiskars Xtract Garden Saw (L) Xtract™ Garden Saw (L)
With its SoftGrip™ handle, the Xtract™ garden saw offers a safe grip, and the finger guard prevents fingers sliding on to the blade. The saw has a cutting capacity of up to 22cm.

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Fiskars Splitting Axe Splitting Axe X27
The X27 splitting axe features a unique cutting edge that easily slices into wood, which the thick axe blade then pushes apart, and the convex shape increases resistance to fracture.

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